Easy Street Education
A Boys Story  
Peter is six years old his dad is working full time while trying to raise his boys single handily.  
Peter has just been verified as speech language impaired.  
When I met Peter he constantly hit himself in the head with his hand and said *I am stupid*. He would not engage in class life and preferred  
his safe spot in the hall. His outbursts in class often meant evacuation. He would rip up his books and throw them, tip his tidy tray contents  
in the bin and jump up and down on the empty tidy tray until it broke. Admin support would often be needed.  
Today half way through year one, Peter works in class as hard as his peers. He rarely hits his head and has not ripped up a book in months.  
He now says Yeah, **I am smart**. My brain is getting bigger. He only leaves class occasionally and he is in control.  
He takes a moment to regroup in his safe space and is back to work within 3 minutes on most occasions.  
What changed? **ACCESS and RELATIONSHIP**  
Peters fine motor was incredibly poor, writing made him angry, frustrated and explosive.  
The introduction of Easy Street to handwriting program gave him success.  
He immediately knew the language and took control of his own learning through the programs app.  
Peter also participated in class riding of letters every morning, raced around the streets of letters on whiteboard maps with his peers.  
and thus learnt correct letter formation in a very short space of time.  
Last term Peters writing was entered into the local show as part of the school exhibition.  
Giving him the keys to write has empowered him to participate in learning, and more importantly see himself as a learner.  
His teacher thinks he is pretty amazing and is immensely proud of him!  
Peters progress has been astounding and his self worth has gone through the roof.  
A wonderful reminder of why **Easy Street began**.